The Road Is ( 2016 )

by michael welch



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Greetings: I’m Michael welch. From 2013 to 2015 I’ve authored these 6 paperback books. Notes of a young drummer 1966-1969, you play the drums? I the first person, Are you ser-i-ous, Floridian in Paris and The Road Is. I'm not a poet nor do I consider myself a writer. I'm a musician, I authored these books in a similar style as when I create, compose and improvise music with the drumset. There isn’t a perfect category I could choose on Amazon to fit the odd style of my books. I'm selling them for $10 each. Royalties may be a couple dollars, very little. I’ve post the pdf’s of each book on my web site for free downloads. My writing began in the 70s. You can read my process if you visit my web site. I'm very happy to complete these projects. I can put these projects behind me and move on. The material for these books has been lying around in the morgue for decades. I'm glad to resurrect them, be done with them. If you’re still reading this I’ll tell you a little about each title. Notes of a young drummer 1966-1969 are a collection of stories, events and memories about my music journey from 1966 to 1969. Floridian in Paris is a collection of photo images I shot in 2006 and 2008. “The Road Is” contains short sentences, paragraphs, and narrative prose about life as a musician. The music, nightclubs, hotels, gigs, friends and behind the scene descriptive memories of a journey. I dedicate this book to all musicians, we probably share similar stories. My other 3 books were also completed in Sept./ 2015. My stories for this trilogy of books are in 3 categories’. You Play The Drums? Contain the subject of music as the focus. “I the first person” is written with I-Me-Michael Welch being the storyteller, I'm the observer. “Are you serious” I-Michael Welch is not the first person. On the page, my books look similar. I'm happy doing it this way, I believe each book is different when you know my concept. I‘ve been a musician-drummer since 1967. I try to write with music forms in mind. They can be rhythmic or Avant-garde. Jazz or improvised free form. The way I read each piece determines the rhythmic form. I also want each piece to look a certain way on the page. I don’t punctuate or capitalize correctly. The way the words phrase, flow and their rhythm are more important. I haven’t reinvented the wheel here. In fact you could even say its old and blasé. So that’s about it. As I mentioned, I’ve written several overly indulged essays about myself and these books, available for you to read on my web site. There are recording’s of my works. ASAP I’ll video and audio record my projects. I also have links to the dedicated web sites for my music with videos. So, I think that’s enough. Thanks for reading.


released July 4, 2016



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